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Professionals with trade level training have a key role to play in assisting society to respond to climate change.


This primarily involves reducing greenhouse gases and adapting to the inevitable effects that climate change will have on the community. Trade professionals also have a key role in assisting society to undertake its activities in a more sustainable manner. They are also ultimately responsible for implementation or operation and maintenance of the equipment and systems that respond to climate change. It is therefore very important that professionals with Vocational Education and Training (VET) training have a good understanding of climate change and sustainability, including how to integrate appropriate solutions and approaches into their everyday work and trade. As part of the nationally accredited VET system, CCRI has developed courses and packages related to climate change, sustainable energy and sustainability related. Additional packages are currently being developed.


CCRI is in the process of applying for accreditation as a Registered Training Organisation in order to assist professionals and community members with an interest in having flexible access to VET accredited courses and packages related to climate change and sustainability. Once accredited, we will be offering a range of existing VET accredited climate change and sustainability courses, programs and qualifications. These offerings will be delivered through a mixture of face-to-face, flexible, online and on-the-job methods.  We will also be seeking to work with relevant organisations to develop and offer existing and new courses in these rapidly changing areas.


Please complete and submit the expression of interest form opposite if you are interested in being notified of course offerings or to keep updated about our progress in becoming an RTO. You may also wish to revisit this website occasionally to keep updated.


As well as regularly offering formal VET courses in these areas we can also create and offer tailored training specifically for the in-house needs of your organisation.” Contact Us about our capabilities in Training Material Development.

“Achieving the transition to a low carbon sustainable economy will require a massive mobilisation of skills and training – both to equip new workers and to enable appropriate changes in practices by the three million workers already employed in these key sectors influencing our environmental footprint ...”

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