Development Courses

Increase your professional skills and knowledge at work across a wide range of climate change and sustainability areas.

Education & Training

Vocational education and training courses providing skills and accreditation for those in the trades and those working on the front line of climate change response.

Development Courses

Practical courses to equip individuals, households and community organisations to to play their part in responding to climate change.

Training Material Development

The Climate Change Response Institute has education and training professionals with extensive experience in developing training and capacity building information and training materials.


They have been involved in developing a range of materials for training purposes including:


  •  University level courses
  •  Professional development short courses
  •  VET level courses


Our professionals have experience in developing information and training materials for delivery in a range of ways including:


  •  Hands on and face-to-face;
  •  Flexible delivery and online; and
  • Print and web based information packages.


We have experience and expertise in most areas of climate change and sustainability and can develop training and capacity building or information packages in the following core areas in particular:


  •  Climate change strategy development and implementation;
  •  Greenhouse gas inventory, foot printing and life cycle assessment;
  •  Renewable energy systems
  • Greenhouse gas reduction strategies, including Carbon Neutrality;
  • Energy efficiency assessment;
  • Buildings energy audits and energy efficiency, and green star ratings;
  • Energy efficient building design;
  • Climate change risk assessment and response for organisations;
  • Climate change impact assessment and adaptation strategies;
  • Carbon trading, offsets and the Clean Development Mechanism;
  • Introductory sustainability;
  • Corporate sustainability strategy and reporting; and
  • Sustainable production (cleaner production, eco-efficiency and design for the environment);


Organisations for whom our staff  have developed materials include:


  • Murdoch University,
  • Curtin University;
  • Brisbane Institute of TAFE; and
  • United Nations Environment Program;


We have an extensive network of education and training professionals in addition to climate change and sustainability practitioners and experts. We seek to bring together the most highly qualified and relevant expertise for each course or information package in a way that is professional and seamless for our clients.


For further information about how we may be able to assist you in developing training or information  resources for your needs please contact us.

“Responding to climate change will require a fundamental shift in Australia’s approach to management and workforce skills. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions means new processes for industrial and agricultural production, new research and investment in low-emission technologies, new patterns of consumption, and innovative thinking in almost every aspect of business"

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