Development Courses

Increase your professional skills and knowledge at work across a wide range of climate change and sustainability areas.

Education & Training

Vocational education and training courses providing skills and accreditation for those in the trades and those working on the front line of climate change response.

Development Courses

Practical courses to equip individuals, households and community organisations to to play their part in responding to climate change.

Professional Development Courses



The rapidly changing and multidisciplinary nature of climate change requires existing professionals from a range of disciplines to continually increase their skills and knowledge so they can effectively respond to climate change in their area of responsibility.


We seek to provide relevant and practical training in a flexible, outcomes and student focussed manner by combining input from leading climate change practitioners that have practical experience in responding to climate change with the input of experienced trainers from a network of leading institutions. CCRI offers professional development training in the areas of:


  • Climate change strategy development and implementation;
  • Greenhouse gas inventory, carbon foot printing and life cycle assessment;
  • Renewable energy systems design and evaluation;
  • Greenhouse gas reduction strategies, including Carbon Neutrality;
  • Energy efficiency assessment;
  • Building energy efficiency, audits and energy ratings;
  • Climate change risk assessment for organisations;
  • Climate change impact assessment and adaptation strategies;
  • Carbon trading, offsets and the Clean Development Mechanism;
  • Corporate sustainability strategy and reporting; and
  • Sustainable production (cleaner production, eco-efficiency and design for the environment;


As well as regularly offering formal courses in these areas we can also create and offer training specifically for the in-house needs of your organisation. Contact Us about our capabilities in Training Material Development

“… companies in the fledgling green economy are struggling to find workers with the skills needed to perform the work that needs to be done. Indeed, there are signs that shortages of skilled labor could put the brakes on green expansion…There is thus a need to put appropriate education and training arrangements in place.”

Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World.
United Nations Environment Programme 2008

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