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Individuals, households and community organisations have a major role to play in responding to climate change.


This involves both reducing greenhouse gases and adapting to the inevitable effects that climate change will have on society. Community members are also the people ultimately most impacted by the direct effects of changes in the climate and any regulation or policy changes implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore very important that individuals and community organisations have a good understanding of the science of climate change, what the impacts and costs of responding to global warming are likely to be, and how they can respond most appropriately, and how they can be more sustainable in their lives in general.


CCRI will be offering a series of community development courses about key climate change and sustainability topics in order for individuals and the community to have access to good, credible and independent information about climate change, its expected effects on them, and how they can practically respond.


Please visit this site regularly to see when the firstt course will be offered. You can also complete and submit the expression of interest form opposite to receive regular updates and notification of courses that are being offered.

“Responding to climate change will require a fundamental shift in Australia’s approach to management and workforce skills. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions means new processes for industrial and agricultural production, new research and investment in low-emission technologies, new patterns of consumption, and innovative thinking in almost every aspect of business"

Heather Ridout
Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group

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