Development Courses

Increase your professional skills and knowledge at work across a wide range of climate change and sustainability areas.

Education & Training

Vocational education and training courses providing skills and accreditation for those in the trades and those working on the front line of climate change response.

Development Courses

Practical courses to equip individuals, households and community organisations to to play their part in responding to climate change.


Some of the participants in our courses to date include:


The City of Canning

The City of Fremantle

The City of Mandurah

The City of Melville

The City of Perth

The Shire of Mundaring

The Town of Vincent

“Given the wide range of technical issues associated with energy efficiency, gaps in the skill sets of specialists such as engineers or tradespeople could prevent the uptake of these options across a range of sectors.”

Garnaut Climate Change Review 2008

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