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Western Australia's Sustainable Energy Industry Skills and Training Needs Analysis



The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) commissioned Climate Change Response to undertake an Office of Energy funded project to determine what skills are required by the sustainable energy industry in Western Australia and any gaps that need to be addressed. This will in turn provide the information needed for developing strategies to ensure an appropriate supply of suitably skilled individuals to meet the expected increase in demand over coming years.


The project was completed in February 2011 and the report is currently being reviewed. It is expected that the final report will be published on the SEA website later in February.

“Achieving the transition to a low carbon sustainable economy will require a massive mobilisation of skills and training – both to equip new workers and to enable appropriate changes in practices by the three million workers already employed in these key sectors influencing our environmental footprint ...”

Growing the Green Collar Economy
Report to the Dusseldorp Skills Forum

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